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Why Do Secret 45 Litres Of Heavy Truck Fuel Tank Behind The Grease Gun Plus 50 Litre
Oct 17, 2016

Experiment one: tankers can be cheating? This reporter has learned, tanker consists of pump, oil-gas separator, flow meter, motor, solenoid valve, oil gun, count sensors, computer equipment, and other components. Gas stations now use tax-controlled refueling machines, all have anti-cheating measures. "Anti-cheating measures mainly in monitoring micro-processing, tax control memory, measuring processor, tanker program chip and real-time clock chips with a plastic cover sealed and stamped with security seal. "Furengaoke company, Jiangyin Sun Chuanrui, the Chief said. Second experiment: frequent jumps the gun oil less oil? "Grease gun automatic jump-stop is not controlled, each self-styled nozzle device, in come on gun inside the mouth. When adding oil to overflow or rapid discharge of air, oil or air flow impact self installation, self-sealing device squeeze nozzle stalls play, stop to refuel.