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Truck 8 Tires Caught Fire Burn Heavy Truck Fuel Tank
Oct 17, 2016

05:36 November 3, Changji, Xinjiang Changji fire Squadron received 119 command center in Manas County Fire Dispatch said, is located in Manas County ukwi Highway 3701 kilometres a trailer loaded with coal car tires on fire, the situation is urgent, after receiving the dispatch, the squadron quickly dispatched 2 vehicle 12 were rushed to the scene. Police officers arrived at the scene and saw a trailer parked his car loaded with coal on the highway, vehicles founder issued a lot of smoke, car 8 tyres were burning fiercely on the right side, burning tires alongside a heavy truck filled with fuel tanks, heavy truck fuel tank ignited by pilot event spread consequences would be unthinkable. Led the Commander immediately ordered combat command: quickly out a trunk 2 water gun, a gun to fire the burning tires. Another gun to intercept the fire continues to spread. 10 minutes later, a dangerous situation eventually be eliminated.