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Storage And Logistics Equipment Rationalization, Access Automation, Management Simplicity
Oct 19, 2017

Storage and Logistics Equipment refers to the hardware facilities and information management software system used in the process of warehouse management, which mainly includes three-dimensional shelves, stacker, indoor trucks, access and conveying equipment, sorting system, lifting equipment (hoist or elevator), as well as Computer Management and monitoring system. These devices can consist of semi-automatic, automated, mechanized warehouses for stacking, accessing and sorting items.

(i) three-dimensional warehousing equipment

The use of automated three-dimensional storage equipment, can realize the rationalization of warehouse, access automation, easy to manage. Its functions can be summed up as follows:

1. High-level shelf storage. Save land, make full use of warehouse space to increase storage;

2. Automatic access. Improve the efficiency of the library, mechanical automation work to liberate manpower, reduce labor intensity;

3. Computer control. Automate the accurate storage and management of information and automatically print various reports.

4, with other transport equipment to use, so that production, warehousing, logistics overall link, reduce management into.

(ii) Sorting system

The sorting system adopts centralized management and decentralized management mode, which combines hardware and software modules such as sensors, PLC, computer,Storage and Logistics Equipment network and electronic selection to meet the process requirements and management requirements of the sorting system. The overall task of the system is:

(1) To realize the information exchange between control system and information management system;

(2) The sorting process is highly automated;

(3) To achieve a high degree of coordination and operation between the sorting process and the stocking system;

(4) Realize the real-time monitoring of the whole equipment running process;

(5) Realize daily processing order quantity ≥ 8,000 of sorting control;

(6) Realize the automatic replenishment according to the sorting demand;

(7) to realize that when abnormal downtime occurs, the system protects the original data and resumes normal condition and continues to run.

The control system has the characteristics of accuracy, reliability and ease of use of equipment control, and also has the characteristics of perfect information management of materials and equipment.

(iii) Lifting equipment

Lifting equipment, also known as lift, hoist or elevator, is a vertical and lower reciprocating conveyor form, is also a horizontal conveyor and vertical lifting equipment combined transport device,Storage and Logistics Equipment is a relatively advanced kind of special mechanical equipment. Its working principle is to use the lifting platform of the upper and lower reciprocating movement to achieve the vertical conveying of materials, and lifting platform can be installed on different types of conveying equipment, and the entrance of the conveyor equipment to cooperate,Storage and Logistics Equipment so that the transmission process is fully automated. The upper and lower stroke of the lifting platform can be transported materials, in a cycle process of the lifting platform can make the material both sides to flow.

With the development of domestic economy, especially the rapid development of logistics industry, more and more enterprises are going through the process of developing from traditional flat warehouse to stereoscopic warehouse. From the management idea, the logistics operation mode and so on, the plane storehouse and the stereoscopic storehouse have the very big difference. Because of its high spatial utilization,Storage and Logistics Equipment strong ability to enter the storehouse, the use of computer to control management and the implementation of modern management, the storage system has become an indispensable storage technology for enterprise logistics and production management.