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Storage And Logistics Equipment Improve The Efficiency Of Entry And Exit
Aug 09, 2017

Storage and Logistics Equipment is used in the storage management process used in the hardware facilities and information management software system, its structure mainly includes three-dimensional shelves, stacking machines, indoor van, access equipment, sorting system, lifting equipment (hoist or Lifts), and computer management and monitoring systems. These devices can be composed of semi-automated, automated, mechanized warehouses to stack, access and sort items.

(A) three-dimensional storage equipment

The use of automated three-dimensional storage equipment, warehouses can be high-level rationalization, access to automation, management simplicity. Its function can be summarized as:

1, high-level shelf storage. Saving land, make full use of the Treasury space to increase the amount of storage;

2, automatic access. Improve the efficiency of entry and exit, mechanical automation operations to liberate manpower, reduce labor intensity;

3, computer control. Automatically on the information for accurate storage and management, automatic printing of various reports.

4, can be used in conjunction with other transport equipment, so that production, warehousing, logistics, the overall link to reduce the management into.

(B) sorting system

The sorting system adopts the centralized management and decentralized control management mode to combine the hardware and software modules such as sensors, PLCs, computers, networks and electronic picking to meet the process requirements and management requirements of the sorting system. The overall task of the system is:

(1) to achieve the control system and information management system information exchange;

(2) the sorting process is highly automated;

(3) to achieve a high degree of close coordination between the sorting process and the stocking system;

(4) to achieve real-time monitoring of the entire operation of the equipment;

(5) to achieve the daily processing orders ≥ 8,000 sorting control;

(6) to achieve according to the sorting needs of automatic replenishment;

(7) to achieve when the abnormal downtime, the system protects the original data; return to normal, can continue to the original state to continue running.

The control system has the characteristics of equipment control accuracy, reliability, ease of use, but also has the material and equipment to improve the characteristics of information management.

(3) lifting equipment

Lifting equipment, also known as lifts, lifts or elevators, is a vertical reciprocating conveyor in a form, but also horizontal conveyor and vertical lift equipment combined with the transport device, is a more advanced a special mechanical equipment. The working principle is to use the lifting platform up and down the reciprocating movement to achieve the vertical transport of materials, and lifting platform can be equipped with different types of transport equipment, and the import and export of equipment to match, so that the delivery process is fully automated. Lifting platform can be transported up and down the material,Storage and Logistics Equipment in the lifting platform of a cycle can make the material at the same time both the flow.

Automatic identification technology is a computer, light, machine, electricity, communication and other technology development based on a highly automated data acquisition technology. It automatically obtains information about the identified object by applying a certain identification device and provides a technique for the subsequent processing system to complete the subsequent processing. It can help people quickly and accurately carry out the automatic collection and input of massive data, in transportation, storage, distribution and other aspects has been widely used. After nearly 30 years of development, automatic identification technology has developed into bar code recognition technology, smart card recognition technology, optical character recognition technology,Storage and Logistics Equipment radio frequency identification technology, biometric technology and other integrated technology, and is to the direction of integrated application development. Barcode recognition technology is currently the most widely used automatic identification technology, it is the use of optical scanning equipment to read bar code symbols, in order to achieve automatic information entry. A barcode is a symbol of certain information that consists of a set of bars, empty, and corresponding characters in a particular rule. Different code system, bar code symbol composition rules are different. More commonly used code system: EAN / UPC bar code, 128 bar code, ITF-14 bar code,Storage and Logistics Equipment interchange twenty-five bar code, three nine bar code, Kudebba bar code. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is developed in recent years, modern automatic identification technology, it is the use of induction, radio wave or microwave technology reader equipment for radio frequency tags for non-contact reading, to achieve the purpose of automatic data collection The It can identify high-speed moving objects, you can also read a number of objects, with anti-harsh environment, strong confidentiality and so on. Biometrics is a technique that uses human's own physiological or behavioral characteristics to identify identities. Biological characteristics include hand, fingerprint, face shape, iris, retina, pulse, auricle, etc., behavioral characteristics, including signature, sound and so on. As the characteristics of the human body has a non-replicable features, the security of this technology than the traditional sense of the authentication mechanism has greatly improved. People have developed iris recognition technology, retinal recognition technology, facial recognition technology, signature recognition technology, voice recognition technology, fingerprint recognition technology and other six kinds of biometric identification technology.