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Storage And Logistics Equipment Improve The Efficiency Of Entry And Exit Library To Reduce Labor Intensity
Jul 19, 2017

Storage and Logistics Equipment is used in the storage management process used in the hardware facilities and information management software system, its structure mainly includes three-dimensional shelves, stacking machines, indoor van, access equipment, sorting system, lifting equipment (hoist or Lifts), and computer management and monitoring systems. These devices can be composed of semi-automated, automated, mechanized warehouses to stack, access and sort items.

The use of automated three-dimensional storage equipment, warehouses can be high-level rationalization, access to automation, management simplicity. Its function can be summarized as:

1, high-level shelf storage. Saving land, make full use of the Treasury space to increase the amount of storage;

2, automatic access. Improve the efficiency of entry and exit, mechanical automation operations to liberate manpower, reduce labor intensity;

3, computer control. Automatically on the information for accurate storage and management, automatic printing of various reports.

4, can be used in conjunction with other transport equipment, so that production, warehousing, logistics, the overall link to reduce the management into.

The future development trend of the logistics equipment industry has the following nine points:

First, theStorage and Logistics Equipment tends to specialization. Logistics and warehousing equipment has gone through the golden decade, the future equipment profit margins will decline further, the industry competition will intensify, and, due to the development potential of logistics and warehousing equipment, the industry may emerge many newStorage and Logistics Equipment manufacturing enterprises, Competition, the market share may be re-shuffle; corporate brand awareness will be enhanced. Due to the impact of market competition, companies will consider to abandon the edge of products, focus on their own core product production, design, research and development. Production enterprise specialization will be further developed.

Second, theStorage and Logistics Equipment quality of service will be qualitative improvement. After ten years of gold, enterprises face more intense market competition, after-sales service awareness will be significantly improved, the warranty will be extended, life-long maintenance will be deeply rooted. Gold ten years, part of the direct sales customers will face equipment is broken, can not find the brand manufacturers or distributors of after-sales service and maintenance services. Now the gold decade has passed, the brand manufacturers and dealers after-sales service awareness will be significantly enhanced, behind the customer will be the main source of power.

Third, theStorage and Logistics Equipment industry competition is no longer a sales channel competition, but the chain and the chain between the competition! Dealers are now the general situation has been set, some large brands are on their own agents and brand dealers were protected, this includes accessories sales protection, product sales protection, spare parts maintenance, etc., to strengthen the protection of the interests of the chain, And the fast link between the sprockets. The future is the team, cooperation, win-win world, logistics and warehousing equipment industry competition between the competition by the dealer resources, direct sales of customers compete to rise to the brand chain and brand chain competition between the barriers to industry entry threshold will be further Rise.

Fourth, the logistics and warehousing equipment industry market demand potential is huge, logistics equipment manufacturers will not face the risk of life and death in the short term.Storage and Logistics Equipment industry market potential is huge, the market demand will show multiple growth trend. Although the gold decade has passed, profit margins have declined, but the market demand will provide some compensation for the decline in profit margins. In the short term, the production enterprises with weak viability will not face the competitive pressure of life and death.