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Storage And Logistics Equipment Has A High Space Utilization
Sep 29, 2017

With the development of the domestic economy, especially the logistics industry by leaps and bounds, more and more enterprises are experiencing from the traditional flat warehouse to the development of three-dimensional warehouse process. From the business philosophy, logistics mode of operation and so on, the flat warehouse and three-dimensional warehouse has a big difference. Three-dimensional storage system because of its high space utilization, a strong out of the library capacity, the use of computer control and management of enterprises and the implementation of modern management and other characteristics, has become an enterprise logistics and production management indispensable warehousing technology, more and more The more attention by the enterprise. Storage and Logistics Equipment equipment composition: its structure mainly includes three-dimensional shelves, stacking machines, indoor van, access to transport equipment, sorting systems, lifting equipment (hoists or lifts), and computer management and monitoring system. These devices can be composed of semi-automated, automated, mechanized warehouses to stack, access and sort items.

Warehousing and logistics is an ancient industry, with the economic development, warehousing has become an important force in the development of social economy, has been greatly developed. Warehousing from the traditional material storage, development to become a logistics node, as the core of the logistics and exist and play the role of the overall coordination, has become an extension of product manufacturing.

According to the current situation of China's economic development, automated warehousing is not perfect, the current logistics and storage industry to more manual operation. Therefore, our logistics warehousing in operation, but also when there are errors, to bring greater customer inconvenience and loss.

Logistics warehousing error is the number of goods and the difference between the varieties of goods, resulting in logistics warehousing errors are the main reasons:

First, the operation is not enough to concentrate. Some of the warehouse staff in the delivery of goods when the heart is not specific enough, in the delivery of goods thinking about other things. Operation carelessly, many of the goods outside the packaging is very similar or the same,Storage and Logistics Equipment the warehouse manager in the operation alone with their own feelings, which is caused by goods mistaken, wrong, wrong, wrong hair is an important reason.

Second, the operation process is not comprehensive. Operational loopholes, so that the warehouse manager in the operation can not grasp the accuracy of the goods out of the library.

Third, did not follow the operating procedures. Some warehouse managers in their own experience is relatively rich, that some of the operating process is to take more than one stroke, in the operation of easy to seek, the error is often produced.

Fourth, the business is not familiar with. Warehouse staff because of unfamiliar business,Storage and Logistics Equipment it is easy to send the wrong goods varieties.

Five, the first thinking of the error. A person in the calculation of the time, the first calculation of 1 +2 = 4, in a period of time how he calculated the results are 4.

Six, warehouse managers, forklifts and porter communication between the error. Communication on the differences, will cause great errors.

Seven, the trial is unclear. Warehouse staff in the delivery of the trial is not clear, it is easy to misunderstand and produce errors.

Eight, the data is not accurate. Data differences, the wrong location of the goods, it is easy to mislead the warehouse staff.

Nine, blind people believe in other people. The warehouse manager in the receipt or delivery to hear other people say that the goods are a certain number of a variety of varieties, believe that others and direct receipt or delivery.