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Storage And Logistics Equipment Generalized, Large And Safe And Reliable
Oct 31, 2017

Storage and Logistics Equipment category, model specifications, variety of complex. General equipment to complete the logistics operations as a standard, the equipment is divided into: 1. Packaging equipment. Packaging equipment is the completion of all or part of the packaging process of machinery and equipment. Packaging equipment is to achieve the product packaging mechanization, the fundamental guarantee of automation. Mainly including filling equipment, canned equipment, sealing equipment, wrapping equipment, labeling equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment, sterilization equipment.

2. Storage and Logistics Equipment. Including shelves, stackers, indoor van, immigration equipment, sorting equipment, hoists, handling robots and computer management and monitoring systems. These devices can be automated, semi-automated, mechanized commercial warehouses to stack, access and sort shipments.

3. Assembly unit appliances. There are containers, trays, turnover boxes and other container units. After the container has been assembled or assembled, the goods have high flexibility and are ready for operation at all times, which will realize the integration of storage, handling, transportation and packaging, and realize the mechanization and standardization of logistics operation.

4. Loading and unloading equipment. Refers to the equipment used to move, lift, loading and unloading and short distance transport of materials, is an important part of logistics machinery and equipment. From the use and structural characteristics of view,Storage and Logistics Equipment  loading and unloading equipment, including lifting equipment, continuous transport equipment, loading and unloading vehicles, special handling equipment.

5. Circulation processing equipment. Mainly including metal processing equipment, mixing mixing equipment, wood processing equipment and other processing equipment.

6. Transportation Equipment. The importance of transport is mentioned earlier. The unique position of transport in logistics has put forward higher requirements for transportation equipment, requiring high-speed, intelligent, generalized, large-scale and safe and reliable characteristics of transport equipment to improve the efficiency of transportation and reduce transportation costs. So that the optimal use of transport equipment. According to different modes of transport, transport equipment can be divided into trucks, rail trucks,Storage and Logistics Equipment  cargo ships, air transport equipment and pipeline equipment. For third-party logistics companies, generally only have a certain number of trucks, and other transport equipment to directly use the social public transport equipment.