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Small Knowledge About Vehicle Heavy Truck Fuel Tank Warning Lamp
Oct 17, 2016

Actually without worried, oil table bright yellow lamp just a warning, because products designer consider to some people drive is not see oil table of, so only design such a tips lamp, so heavy card tank bright alert lamp again to refueling is manufacturers default of, and nothing too big of problem, and oil table bright Hou has 50 km of range mileage also meet find gas station and pump thermal of needs. But personal is not recommended for heavy truck fuel tank light alert to come on, first of all, in the case of oil-less, intense driving will roll significantly affect pump of traffic. Second is that oil alarm, you're not sure if we can find a gas station in the mileage (at high speed). And oil warning lights to come on short can only find gas stations, if the distances are damaging the pump and fuel level sensor risk.