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Oil Tank The Most Important Part Of The Car
Jul 10, 2017

Oil Tank Do not know the majority of owners of friends have not found such a thing, fill the oil after the car and into the gas station before the comparison, there will be some differences in power, although not to "sentenced to two cars," the point, but indeed Will be in the subtle relationship between the owners to bring a trace of the difference is not easy to detect. According to the general logic, this kind of thing can not happen, when the finished oil, the vehicle should become heavier, so the power should not increase the anti-reduction, but this is indeed the existence of the strange and explain what What?

Gas stations add more oil additives, the additive volatile on the power difference, but the second day of power to restore the usual way ... ... gasoline in the factory will be added before a variety of additives, including octane number of agents, Antistatic agents, active agents, catalytic activists, moderated flame retardants and detergents, but the "additive volatile" theory of rumors should not know that gasoline is to stay in a relatively stable atmosphere of the seal it

Oil pressure on the large, fuel injection nozzle on the large, seemingly very reasonable, "the volume of the liquid and the bottom of the pressure is proportional to the" junior high school school was the physical concept Well, but a careful thought is nonsense , The nozzle of the work by the ECU, that is, the full control of the travel computer, when the ECU issued a fuel injection instructions, the voltage signal will flow through the nozzle of the coil, the magnetic field to suck the valve needle, let The valve opens so that the fuel can be ejected from the injection hole. The biggest advantage of the fuel supply is the fuel supply control is very accurate, so that the engine in any state can have the correct air-fuel ratio.

In fact, it is simple, that is, the density of oil! Car oil Oil Tank in the oil temperature is high, the volume of small density, and gas station cellar temperature is low, small size petrol density, the car in the pumping time is in accordance with the volume to draw, of course, the same volume of oil burning, Of the oil on the more burning more violent, so just when the oil feel good momentum. This should also be said before the next day to restore the usual power, because the fuel Oil Tank temperature rise.

Oil watch light lit explanation: vehicle fuel level is low, please refuel.

So when the lights are lit, how much oil is in the Oil Tank? On this point, there is no clear standard, although the various models are different, but are similar, most models of oil table lights after the remaining oil volume of 7-10 liters (see the vehicle manual manual data).

Assuming the remaining 7 liters of oil in the Oil Tank, and your fuel consumption is 100 km 10 liters of oil, then your car mileage is 70 km.

After the oil watch lights, whether it is displayed on the dashboard mileage, or by experience to calculate their own mileage, can only be a reference. First, the oil meter lights will be due to bumpy road Oil Tank rocking and not accurate, and then the vehicle fuel consumption is not a fixed parameter, but also by a variety of factors.

At this time to find the nearest gas station, is the most important thing.

After the oil alarm, you are not sure if you can find a gas station in the mileage (at high speed). And the oil warning light to go to refueling is limited to short-distance to find the gas station, if the distance is far, accidentally burn the oil there will be damage to the oil pump and the risk of oil sensors.