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Oil Tank Oil Is Bright And It's Just A Warning
Jun 19, 2017

When the fuel Oil Tank alarm light is on, the remaining oil of different models is not the same. However, most of the models in the remaining oil range of 7-10 liters, the specific need you to view the vehicle manual in the data.

Lights, the car can run far?

Let's count: Assuming the remaining 7 liters of oil in the Oil Tank, and the car fuel consumption is 100 km 10 liters of oil, then the car mileage is 70 km.

Of course, this is only the theoretical calculation of mileage, according to different road conditions, different models of this mileage will be changed.

First, do not be nervous. Oil is bright yellow light is a warning, product designers take into account some people do not look at the oil table, so it was designed such a warning light to remind the driver to refuel in time. And the oil is bright after 50-70 km of mileage is also sufficient to meet the needs of gas stations and pump cooling.

When the alarm light is on, what is the correct way to open it?

The first step: open the phone map, search the location of the nearby gas stations; or call the petrochemical customer service or in the oil customer service phone, to the customer service consultation.

The second step: should be done as much as possible:

Turn off air conditioning

Air conditioning, these high-power appliances will increase the engine load, further affecting fuel consumption.

Reduce the rapid acceleration

The speed control in the economic speed of the most fuel efficient. In addition, after the economic speed, the higher the speed the more expensive, so the speed is best to control within 100km / h, on the highway to pay attention to the minimum speed signs, not below the minimum speed to avoid danger.

Reduce the brakes

Including a reasonable shift, slow step on the throttle, ahead of the pre-sentence around the vehicle and road conditions, less brakes.

Take a better road condition

The original oil on the road and then the wrong way or blocked road that is really sad reminder, reasonable planning, always pay attention to signs or navigation to avoid the wrong way to listen to traffic radio, etc. to avoid congestion. As well as the asphalt road must be more pork road than the potholes.

No oil before leaving the highway, fast road, viaduct

Light and then open a small tens of kilometers is expected to vehicle soon oil, and should leave the highway, expressway, viaduct, on the one hand these places parking is not safe, closed roads can not be turned off to prohibit cross-delivery is not convenient, more important Is not in the insurance company free delivery to the range.

Do not recommend frequent fuel Oil Tank alarm to go to refueling

● In the case of less fuel, the intense driving will affect the operation of the pump because of the large roll of the vehicle.

● After the oil alarm, you are not sure if you can find the gas station (at high speed) in the mileage. And the oil warning light is lit and refueling is limited to short-distance to find the gas station, if the distance is far, accidentally burn the oil will also damage the oil pump and the risk of oil sensors.

Half way no oil parked, how do?

Some of the new owners of the details of the traffic is not concerned about the place, did not pay attention to the car on the road, and this time do not panic, you can call your insurance company, ask for free petrol service, you can bear the cost of gasoline The. This clause is in the terms of car insurance will be mentioned in the general, once a year -2 times.

Will the Oil Tank come down and destroy the car?

Simply put, the oil pump is fuel-cooled, but not the fuel Oil Tank in the remaining fuel, but after the oil pump is delivered to the engine fuel. In other words, when the fuel Oil Tank runs dry, no fuel flows through the pump, it may burn the pump.

Most of the reasons for the burning of the pump are due to the following:

● First, the oil pump itself, the problem of aging;

● Second, excessive gasoline impurities lead to blockage of the pump, causing the pump to stop burning;

● Third, the oil regulator damage caused by high oil pressure, causing the pump load overload and burned.