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Oil Tank Mailbox Cleaning Is Also Important
Jul 19, 2017

On the distribution of the car fuel Oil Tank, I believe many owners have such a question: why the location of the Oil Tank mouth is inconsistent? In general, the German car's fuel Oil Tank mouth on the right, Japan and South Korea cars on the left. So why is the overall structure of the car are basically the same circumstances, the mouth should be divided into two or so? What factors determine the position of the Oil Tank port? Xiaobian below to come for everyone to explain in detail.

1, stable body balance

Like Germany and Japan, these countries with more rigorous industrial manufacturing technology, in product manufacturing is to strive for perfection, so the weight of the body will reach a balance point. As we all know, the front engine coupled with the steering system will make the front becomes very heavy, so the general car are used rear fuel Oil Tank, which is placed in the back seat near. This time on the front side with the driver's weight, then we should use the Oil Tank to balance the difference. So the general fuel Oil Tank are placed on the driver's diagonal. So there is a European country left before the driver's seat, the Oil Tank in the right after the release, the Japanese car right front driver's seat, the fuel Oil Tank in the left after the release.

2, the direction of national driving

In Germany, Sweden, the vehicle is on the right, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo's models are on the right side of the fuel; in Japan, the vehicle is on the left, Honda, Toyota's models, left. However, not all models are in line with this law. For example, South Korea is the right to travel the country, but the Korean car some models are on the left side of the fuel. It was explained that this is because the Korean car is to imitate the Japanese car started, when the school also step by step, even the location of the fuel also imitate over, not in accordance with their own domestic situation to be modified.

3, historical problems

Early gas stations are not fully promoted, the fuel generally need to carry the oil Oil Tanker to solve their own, if the Oil Tank is located in the driver's side of the driver's side, will increase the risk of roadside parking refueling.

4, how to determine the location of the Oil Tank mouth?

Then there is no simple and effective way to quickly know their own fuel Oil Tank in what position? In fact, this problem, the designer has long thought for us, only need to observe the dashboard on a glance. The panel area of the car dashboard will have an arrow indicating the position of the driver's Oil Tank port, and the arrow to the right indicates the Oil Tank port on the right side of the vehicle and vice versa.

Fuel Oil Tank cleaning is divided into two steps, both inside and outside.

External: Clean Check the outside of the Oil Tank, check the fuel Oil Tank, tubing, fittings with or without flushing and leakage, and tighten the Oil Tank bracket fixing bolts. If damaged and leaked is found, remove damaged parts for repair.

Internal: open the fuel Oil Tank mouth, remove the filter tube, suck out part of the fuel Oil Tank fuel Oil Tank, leaving about 30L about the fuel Oil Tank.