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Oil Tank Is An Important Part Of The Car
May 25, 2017

Always curious about the bottom of the Oil Tank can run far, but never dare to try. Never just listen to "old driver" said, then the truth in the end what is it?

First, the alarm light, but also how far to run?

In fact, this problem, we can according to the car manual to find the value. The general theoretical mileage is 40-50 km. But to be optimistic, this is only the theoretical mileage, the specific mileage is based on the road you travel to decide.

Second, the fuel Oil Tank bottomed out and refueling, destroy it?

Do not worry, the oil is bright yellow light is a warning, because the product designer to take into account some people do not look at the oil table, so only to design such a light, and the oil is 50 km after the battery mileage is also met Find the demand for gas stations.

Third, the fuel Oil Tank bottomed out refueling, destroyed the pump?

In recent years, a saying: installed in the car fuel Oil Tank electric pump, is dependent on soaking in the gasoline for cooling, if each time until the petrol level is very low when the fuel, the pump will not be able to heat properly, resulting in burning oil pump The

The oil pump is fueled by fuel, but it is not the fuel that is left in the Oil Tank but is fueled by the oil pump to the engine. In other words, only when the Oil Tank fuel run, no fuel flow through the pump, it may burn the pump. As long as your car can still continuous oil supply, then it will not burn the pump. As long as it is not the oil ran to the car off, do not worry about burning oil pump.

Four, do not recommend fuel Oil Tank light alarm to go to refueling

1, in the case of less fuel, the fierce driving because the vehicle will be a large roll of the impact of oil pump work.

2, oil alarm, you are not sure whether you can find the gas station in the mileage, especially in high-speed or unfamiliar city when the time.