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Oil Tank Have A Certain Ability To Work Caixing
Jun 30, 2017

We all know that the car fuel Oil Tank is not water, if the fuel Oil Tank inadvertently mixed into the water that we how to do it? Car fuel Oil Tank, the car will always break the fire. Because the reasons for the water, resulting in fuel Oil Tank rust, corruption, aging, fuel system, if the water will cause the engine power drop, fuel consumption increases, vehicle jitter, harder start in winter and other car fuel Oil Tank will appear difficult to start, engine temper , Idling too high or lack of power and so on, so we must as soon as possible to remove the water in the fuel, let's take a look at the Oil Tank water treatment method.

What happens when the fuel Oil Tank enters the engine?

Now the cars are EFI cars, oil pumps are in the Oil Tank, the end of the pipeline is the oil pump, and the oil pump into the oil hole is basically attached to the bottom of the Oil Tank.

If the pump pump to the water, the water will eventually pass through the nozzle, mist spray into the intake manifold, and then into the cylinder, the water is very small, that is, a few grams, then sprayed into the Is the water, the engine will naturally go out and stop running, the engine stops, the pump will not continue to work.

Fuel Oil Tank to absorb a small amount of water is not the biggest problem, there are steam filter can filter, of course, too much, then not work. Will cause damage to the engine. If the water is more, it will be damaged immediately, it is possible to put out the cylinder.

The solution of the fuel Oil Tank of the automobile

If the Oil Tank is a small amount of water into the engine can start the normal operation, the owner can add some fuel additives such as fuel Oil Tank, water and other fuel to help the engine better combustion.

If the fuel Oil Tank or oil into a lot of water, has affected the normal start of the engine, the normal operation, and the emergence of car fuel Oil Tank, the engine water is not easy to start the vehicle power shortage and other bad situation, this situation will be to repair Station resolved.

The general maintenance of the repair service technicians will be out of the spark plug out of cleaning, with a bottle of pure gasoline to test whether the fuel Oil Tank fuel Oil Tank, if the connection with the bottle of gasoline engine no other fault then it is determined that the car fuel Oil Tank, Oil all out to clean the fuel Oil Tank, cleaning gasoline pump assembly, put on new gasoline.

In fact, the fuel Oil Tank is not terrible, as long as the timely treatment will not be any problems, the owner in the rainy day should pay attention to the fuel Oil Tank cap is not tightened, as far as possible to the refueling where refueling to prevent bad gasoline.

The fuel Oil Tank anti-theft lock directly after the design of the Oil Tank is not directly connected with the Oil Tank cavity in the form of the same time in the fuel Oil Tank on the installation of a Oil Tank with the top of the fixed pipe, and in the additional tubing installed anti-theft steel mesh. Pirates of the oil can not pierce the wire mesh, suction pipe can not enter the Oil Tank. So, we from the Oil Tank into the tube pumping the way it can only fail in the end. But in fact, as long as the way to improve the insert tube, even if the anti-theft fuel Oil Tank cover, you can still extract the oil, such as the following:

First use thick pipe to determine the direction, and through the wire to confirm the grid vulnerability. Once you have confirmed the location, then a small rubber tube from the figure in the white tube at the insertion, you can deep into the Oil Tank, but the speed will be slightly slower.

In fact, not through the Oil Tank cover, there are still ways to get out of gasoline. But this may require everyone to understand the structure of the car's oil, but also have a certain ability to work Caixing.