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Oil Tank From A Security Point Of View
Sep 29, 2017

Why should the mouth of the mouth?

The position of each Oil Tank  is not the same, most of the German cars are located on the right side of the Oil Tank , such as the public, Audi and BMW. And many Japanese cars are on the left side of the Oil Tank , such as Honda and Toyota.

There are three main factors in determining the mouth of the Oil Tank :

1, body weight

Some vehicle manufacturers are more concerned about the balance of body weight, such as Germany. If the front of the engine coupled with a steering system, then, will make the front as a whole heavier. So most of the cars will be used after the way the Oil Tank , that is, the Oil Tank  will be placed in the rear seat below. And then with the weight of the driver, the fuel Oil Tank  can be balanced to balance, so the fuel Oil Tank  and the driver is a diagonal position, that is, on the right side of the vehicle.

While the European and Japanese cars are driving different positions, which also led to a Oil Tank  in the right after a Oil Tank  in the left.

road safety

The design of the Oil Tank  is not just to make people easy to refuel, but also take into account the key factors of road safety. , In the past people are fueled with oil drums, and that if the country is on the right side of the country, the port and the driver's seat on the same side, when the fuel is also risking the risk of being hit by the vehicle.

So the designers from the security point of view, put the Oil Tank  position on the opposite side of the driver's seat on the other side, that is, before we talk about the diagonal, so as to avoid the driver in the fuel when the accident The

How can I determine the position of the Oil Tank  port?

Many drivers do not know how to determine the location of the Oil Tank  mouth, in fact, the car has a button, we can directly through the arrow above the point to know the location of the Oil Tank  mouth.

Arrows to the right of the words on behalf of the Oil Tank  mouth in your right hand position, but driving to the left of the fuel lane.