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Metal AMMO Can Low Energy Consumption, Less Material Consumption
Jun 30, 2017

Metal AMMO Can is that we often say cans, the cans and cans are separate production, and finally assembled together. There are two kinds of materials for making cans: aluminum and tinplate. Because aluminum has a higher value of recycling and re-use, for environmental considerations, cans began to use a large number of aluminum. Aluminum in the packaging industry strong opponents from the PET material, PET materials can be made by injection molds grotesque, aluminum is more difficult. But the price difference between the two there is a big difference, PET affected by oil prices, and aluminum can be recycled through recycling, thereby reducing the cost of materials. In recent years, Europe and the United States and other cans consumption active areas, and continuously improve the aluminum cans and aluminum packaging materials, aluminum recovery, but also makes aluminum cans run rampant.

Overview and characteristics

The advantages of this metal jar is obvious, its seal is very good, can resist high internal pressure, very suitable for loading carbonated drinks This only the pressure, air and acid resistance have a little demand for drinks. For fruit and vegetable juice, the organic acid is an important ingredient in determining its taste, it can show fruit-specific aroma. Fruit and vegetable juice sugar and acid content ratio is an important reason for the taste, but the organic acid has a certain degree of corrosion. In addition, fruit and vegetable juice within the enzyme, vitamin C, pigment and other important ingredients are light and temperature have certain requirements. However, the cans are made of tinplate three cans and aluminum two cans, and also coated with epoxy phenolic type paint (sometimes also need to epoxy phenolic type coating and then coated with a layer of vinyl paint), so that, Fruit and vegetable juices that organic acid is simply not a threat.

Classification and its application


Metal AMMO Can by manufacturing methods classification; there are three cans and two cans two:

(1) three cans of three cans of the application of the history of nearly 200 years, although the number of improvements, the basic composition of the tank body, tank bottom and cans of three pieces of metal sheet (mostly tinplate) made, "Three cans". Ordinary three cans of the bottom and the shape of the tank, size and manufacturing methods are identical, collectively referred to as the lid. There are two main types of seal in the longitudinal section of the tank: soldering and welding, the former used earlier, but because the solder contains lead, has been out of the trend; the latter to avoid lead pollution, low energy consumption, less material consumption , But the production equipment is complex.

Three cans with good rigidity, can produce a variety of shapes of the tank, the material utilization rate is high, easy to change the size of the production process is mature, the characteristics of many types of packaging products.

The same time as the above-

(2) two cans of two cans is the mid-20th century came out. The whole cans consist of two pieces, the cans and the cans. Two cans of the tank is the metal sheet, with a punch through the stretch molding die, so that by the tensile deformation, so that the bottom of the tank can be connected into one body.

Two cans of the tank can be divided into a variety of categories: according to the height of the tank, sub-shallow cans and deep cans; according to the cans of materials, sub-aluminum cans and cans; according to manufacturing technology, Pull and so on. The two cans have the following advantages over three cans:

① good sealing The can body is directly formed by the drawing process, without leakage, can be removed from the leak detection process.

② to ensure product quality. Two cans without welding seal, to avoid the solder tank lead pollution, and high temperature sterilization, can guarantee product hygiene.

③ beautiful and generous. Cans without seams, handsome in appearance, and the cans can be continuously decorated printing, the effect is good.

④ high production efficiency. Two cans only two parts, and the tank manufacturing process is simple, to simplify the process, improve production capacity of great benefit.

⑤ save raw materials. The cans of two cans are stretched and deformed, and the wall thickness is thinner than that of the three cans. In addition, the cans of the two cans are integrally formed, The

However, the two cans on the material properties, canning technology, canning equipment and other requirements are higher, less filling the type of material.


The Metal AMMO Can currently used for packaging are mainly aluminum two-piece cans. Aluminum two cans with aluminum thin plate as a material, in the manufacturing process using a thinning stretch process, so the thickness of the tank wall is thinner than the bottom of the tank. When used in beer packaging, a strong internal pressure will compensate for the rigidity of the tank wall. But the high resistance of Metal AMMO Can, shading and sealing, will allow the quality of beer in the tank to maintain stability.