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Metal AMMO Can Easy To Break, Easy To Carry
May 25, 2017

Excellent barrier properties

Metal AMMO Can not only block the gas (including oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.), but also block light, especially blocking ultraviolet light. It also has a good fragrance performance. This feature makes its contents (such as food, beverages, etc.) have a longer shelf life.

Excellent mechanical strength

This feature makes the goods packaged in Metal AMMO Can easy to transport and store, so that the sales of such goods greatly increased.

Good processing adaptability

The production of modern Metal AMMO Can has a very high productivity. Such as tinplate three cans production line, the speed can reach 2000 cans / min, while the aluminum two cans production line production rate of up to 4000 cans / min. Such a high productivity, can make the Metal AMMO Can at a lower cost to meet the needs of consumers the greatest amount.

Good convenience

Metal AMMO Can are not easy to damage, easy to carry. Now a lot of drinks and food cans and easy to open the lid combination, but also increased the ease of use. Which makes it adapt to modern society fast-paced life, and widely used in tourism life.

Good aesthetics

Metal AMMO Can are generally beautiful metallic luster, together with the colorful graphic printing, adding aesthetics of the goods, high grade packaging Because of this, people in the gift of gifts, often choose to use Metal AMMO Can of packaged goods.

Good disposal of waste

Metal AMMO Can can be reheated and recycled, recycled, is the best green packaging. Both the recovery of resources, saving energy, but also to eliminate environmental pollution. Even after the rust scattered in the soil, it will not cause adverse effects on the environment.

Health is better

As a result of the use of the appropriate paint, so that it can also meet the health requirements of food hygiene.