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Metal AMMO Can Be Recycled Through Recycling, Thereby Reducing Material Costs
Oct 31, 2017

Metal AMMO Can  is that we often say cans, the cans and cans are separate production, and finally assembled together. There are two kinds of materials for making cans: aluminum and tinplate. Because aluminum has a higher value of recycling and re-use, for environmental considerations, cans began to use a large number of aluminum. Aluminum in the packaging industry, strong opponents from the PET material, PET materials can be made by injection molds grotesque, aluminum is more difficult. But there is a big difference in the price, PET by oil prices, and aluminum can be recycled through recycling, thereby reducing the cost of materials. In recent years, Europe and the United States and other cans consumption active areas, and continuously improve the aluminum cans and aluminum packaging materials, aluminum recovery, but also makes aluminum cans run rampant.

With the development of the national economy and the increasing living standards of the people, the rapid development of China's beverage industry, especially the beverage varieties, has been from the last century 70's a single glass bottled soft drinks,Metal AMMO Can  the development of today's carbonated drinks, The situation. Beverage, packaging, packaging industry also followed a diversified trend, breaking the past a single glass container monopoly market pattern, metal, plastic, paper and other materials have been used in beverage packaging, Metal AMMO Can , PET bottles, PP bottles, roof bags, black and white Film and other packaging powder debut.

Glass container packaging accounted for beer packaging share is still large

Glass is a long history of packaging materials, glass bottles is also China's traditional beverage packaging containers. In the case of a variety of packaging materials into the market, glass containers in the beverage packaging still occupies an important position. The main features of glass packaging containers are: non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, beautiful, good barrier, airtight, rich raw Metal AMMO Can low prices, and can be used many times. And with heat, pressure, resistance to the advantages of cleaning, both high temperature sterilization, but also low temperature storage. It is because of its many advantages, so become a fruit tea, jujube juice and many other packaging containers require a higher beverage preferred material.

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