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Metal AMMO Can Airtight Is Very Good
Oct 19, 2017

Metal AMMO Can can not only block the gas (including oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.), but also can block light, especially the ultraviolet light. It also has good performance of incense protection. This feature makes its interior (such as food, beverages, etc.) have a longer shelf life.

This feature makes it easy to transport and store goods packaged in Metal AMMO Can, which greatly increases the range of sales of such goods.

The production of modern Metal AMMO Can has very high productivity. For example, tinplate three-piece production line, the speed can reach 2000 cans/min, and aluminum two-piece production line production speed of up to 4000 cans/min. Such high productivity can enable Metal AMMO Can to meet the largest consumer demand at a lower cost.

Metal AMMO Can are not easy to be damaged and easy to carry. Now many drinks and food cans with easy open cover combination, increased the convenience of use. This makes it adapt to the modern society fast-paced life, and widely used in tourism life.

Metal AMMO Can generally have a beautiful metallic luster, and then with a colorful graphic printing, added to the beauty of the goods, packaging high grade. Because of this, people often choose to use Metal AMMO Can to package goods when giving gifts.

The metal can be recycled, recycled, and is the best green packaging. It can not only recycle resources, save energy, but also eliminate environmental pollution. Even if the rust is scattered in the soil, it will not cause adverse environmental shadow

Due to the use of appropriate paint, so that it can also meet the hygienic requirements of food hygiene.

Metal AMMO Can under the action of acid, alkali, salt and moist air, easy to rust, this limits its use to a certain extent, but now apply a variety of different coatings, so that this shortcoming can be remedied.

The advantages of the metal jar are obvious, its tightness is very good, can withstand the high internal pressure, very suitable for the load carbonated drink this only to the pressure, the air and the acidity has a little request to drink. For fruit and vegetable juices, organic acids are an important ingredient in determining their taste, which can show the aroma of a particular fruit. The content of sugar and acid in fruit and vegetable juice is the important reason of affecting taste, but organic acid has some corrosive property. In addition, the fruit and vegetable juice enzymes, vitamin C, pigments and other important components of light and temperature have a certain demand. However, cans can be used tinplate three cans and aluminum two pieces of cans, and also coated epoxy phenolic coating (sometimes need to be epoxy phenolic coating on a layer of vinyl coating), so that the fruit and vegetable juice Those organic acid is not a threat.