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La Truck Rear-heavy Truck Fuel Tank Leak Of Liquefied Gas Tanker Fire
Oct 17, 2016

Western us (Shaanxi radio and television station of the City Express) today (September 25) West old high-speed Lam suddenly came a thud, followed by the front of a semitrailer truck out of the flames, which we quickly the first time alarm. Reporter: here is the old West high-speed 1486 km, we see not far behind me, a semi-trailer truck with a liquefied gas tanker crash, two sticks together, exactly what it was unable to determine. Liquefied gas tanker driver: my first reaction was to jump the car after being hit, later found behind a car on fire, first see if there is leakage, seeing nothing, I try and put two vehicles apart did not succeed, then we took the fire extinguisher to put out the fire.