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Jerrican The Leakproof Platform Has A Rugged Construction
Jun 19, 2017

The principle is to use possible secondary leaks of Jerrican to control possible leaks.

It is necessary to ensure that the secondary contents have a maximum value of at least one of a maximum container volume of 110% and a maximum volume of 10% of the total container volume.

1. All steel drums, drums, plastic drums, tons of barrels, long pipes, thousands of barrels or other containers

During use, the use of the process may be damaged, resulting in leakage. First need to rescue the disaster. (Also known as anti-overflow), storage oil, chemical dangerous goods, platforms, leak-proof platform), IBC Sheng leakage (also known as anti-overflow, anti-overflow, Tray (also known as IBC leakproof tray). Leak platform, leak platform, leakproof platform with a solid structure, Jerrican can forklift operation, non-slip, you can set the characteristics of leakage, when the liquid leakage along the tray or platform grille automatically into the tray or platform Sheng drainage area, not Will flow to the ground, corridors or channels. The drain pan and the leak platform have a drain plug that, when leaking to a certain volume, can drain the leaked liquid. Most of the leaking liquid can be used directly.

2. If you need storage tanks, you can choose drains, Sheng leakage leak, Sheng leakage dike and other products.

3. If you need temporary or economical storage of Jerrican or chemical barrels, IBC drums or other containers to prevent leakage, you can use Sheng leakage liner. Do not need to use the slope, Jerrican car can be free in and out, you can fold, when not in use can be folded to the tool rack, save space.

General wooden pallets or plastic pallets have a lot of Jerrican, that is, there may be a leak. You can use a forklift to place the tubs and chemical buckets on these buckets or plastic pallets on the embankment. Sheng leakage dike can leak volume is relatively large

Applicable to large-scale leak-proof, but also rapid emergency control. Unique buckle structure, packaging small size, convenient transportation, easy to install, fast response. The car can be opened.

5. If the internal space is limited or the storage media is not compatible, consider putting the oil drum in the home

outer. Open leak boxes, shutter leakproof fuel tank lockers, dangerous goods, leak-proof studio and dangerous goods discharge storage room can be reused. They all have excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, can be durable, can forklift operation. Compared with the usual metal or concrete building, you can save a lot of cost, flexibility and flexibility, and provide better performance.

6. If you need to put the Jerrican flat, Jerrican can use the entire plastic bucket, barrel storage and leakproof package to achieve the combination. Fuel tank frame corrosion, to prevent splitting split, you can use the forklift operation, convenient and flexible.

1. If the oil drum is on the outside, make sure that the rain does not enter. In the second containment measures, the use of waterproof rags wrapped Sheng leakage tray, Sheng leakage platform, IBC Sheng leakage tray, you can achieve rain, sun, pest control, to prevent the purpose of insects into the packaging

2. Fixed trial, must meet the "architectural design fire safety requirements" and other relevant requirements.

3. Warming, exposing and dusting may cause explosion, burning, decomposition of cargo deterioration

, Does not allow long-term open storage.

4. Open space should be set up platform, the ground height of not less than 0.3m.

Between stacks should be no less than 3 meters.

There are drains or black ditches around the yard


7. The establishment of the stack should also follow the principle of conflict, fire can not mix with the way.