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Jerrican Easy Handling, Smooth, Fast, Small Size
Oct 31, 2017

The production of Jerrican has also been quantified, providing strong support for the market and meeting the needs of Chinese enterprises for material handling. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, oil tank transport increased steadily, the same, the oil tank finishing handling has become a problem, because the oil Jerrican heavier bad handling, there is a waste of labor, time, cargo leakage and other issues, As a result, oil drum transport costs become higher, the risk increases, the same benefits are also reduced. In this trend, the tanker truck came into being, can handle a variety of oil drum transport, to meet the needs of various types of barrels of handling, whether it is heap, handling or pouring material, loading and unloading, have the appropriate tools.

The electric truck is easy to operate, smooth, fast, compact, flexible operation, low noise, no pollution and other characteristics to meet the enterprises in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses, freight yard, workshop and other places operations, and greatly improve the efficiency of enterprises for fast loading and unloading cargo A strong support. The tanker is a combination of the telescopic arm structure of the truck crane and the handling of the traditional tanker, which can be used to keep the length and distance of the required work by constantly changing it. Oil Jerrican and other construction machinery, but also a machine with, can be equipped with a variety of quick change device, electric Jerrican truck is also called oil tank down truck, oil Jerrican uphill to battery-powered, DC motor drive , Hydraulic power unit to enhance, control the handle centralized control, standing driving.

Jerrican is a kind of truck, mainly used for handling oil Jerrican and other cylindrical objects, Jerrican can achieve the lifting of the oil Jerrican, rotating, tilting and draining full of oil Jerrican and other operations. The tanker can lift, carry, rotate, tilt and drain the fully loaded Jerrican. Double protection finger lock ensures that the drum is lifted. G in the vertical direction to lock the oil drum to avoid overflow or horizontally lock the oil drum to prevent the oil from being discharged from the mouthpiece. In recent years, the development of forklift truck is very fast, because the scope of application of a wide range of forklifts, the market demand in various fields are increasing. The development of the forklift industry is closely related to the level of China's economic development and the level of industrialization. With the rapid development of the logistics industry and the enhancement of the awareness of the use of forklifts, the forklift has made great progress in various aspects such as quality varieties.

Any product can not always be maintained in the market has been high growth, tanker truck is no exception. With the increase in the number of manufacturers, product overproduction, intense competition, and weakened market demand, manual van sales began to gradually reduce. In addition to the emergence of electric Jerrican truck, to the truck market has brought tremendous pressure. In the 1980s, with the development of China's reform and opening up the wave of development, a large number of enterprises, artificial handling is no longer meet the needs of enterprise development, the urgent need for Jerrican handling tools, but also to the emergence of a number of hydraulic tank Car production enterprises.