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Jerrican Do Not Allow Long-term Open Storage
Jun 08, 2017

How to store Jerrican to avoid the occurrence of leakage?

No one wants oil tank leaks to happen. But if leaked substances such as oil are at risk, followed by high cleanup costs, possible long-term responsibilities, workers' safety, environmental protection and other problems.

1. Make sure the oil drum has its own suitable lid and seal it well.

2. Check the drums regularly for corrosion, bumps, defects, dents, and leaks. Put the defective oil drum in a separate secondary drum or leak the emergency bucket.

3. Make sure the oil drum is compatible with the contents. For example, do not put the acid in the general iron bucket or put the solvent in the plastic bucket.

4. Accurate identification of waste Jerrican.

1. If the oil drum is to be on the outside, make sure that the rain does not enter. In the above-mentioned second containment measures, with a waterproof rain cloth wrapped Sheng leakage tray, Sheng leakage platform, IBC Sheng leakage tray, you can achieve rainwater, sun protection, to prevent insects into the package to the purpose of container

2. Fixed open yard, must meet the "architectural design fire safety regulations" and other relevant requirements.

3. Damped, exposed and dust pollution may cause explosion, burning, decomposition of deterioration of the items, are not allowed to long-term open storage.

4. Open pit yard should be set up platform, the ground height of not less than 0.3m.

5. There should be no less than 3m between the stacking.

6. There are drainage ditch or dark ditch around the yard, and there is a protective fence.

7. Set up the stack should also follow the principle of mutual conflict, fire fighting method can not mix and mix.