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IV And V Petrol Gas What Is The Difference Between
Oct 17, 2016

"Simply put, III standard gasoline with a sulphur limit of 150mg/kg, IV standard gasoline with a sulphur limit of 50mg/kg, v-10mg/kg is the maximum sulphur content of petrol, mainly on account of the requirements of environmental protection progressively lower sulfur content, thereby reducing emissions of harmful substances in the exhaust. "PetroChina sales company quality control center in Shaanxi Province Zhang Hua said. Through on-site explanation and demonstration, netizens on oil and oil product quality control as a more comprehensive understanding of nozzle structure by strangers to understanding, eliminate misunderstanding. In order to let users experience more excellent service, also on "go 13-step" were presented, netizens and organizations involved. "I have also come on" this not that of Cafe, and PetroChina gas station staff are fully aware of standard service.