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Installed Diesel Generator Heavy Duty Truck Fuel Tank Considerations
Oct 17, 2016

1, and heavy card tank store location must security to prevent fire, heavy card tank or oil barrels should separate put in see have see of place, appropriate away from diesel generator group far points, and strictly provides no smoking; 2, and if is user itself making heavy card tank, should note alternate diesel generator group burning heavy card tank with stainless steel or plate making, do not in burning heavy card tank internal painting or plating zinc, because they will and diesel occurred chemical reactions, produced may caused diesel generator group damaged of impurities and the reduced diesel of quality, and Cleanliness and efficiency; 3, heavy truck fuel tank after placement, maximum oil level cannot be higher than that of diesel generator sets base 2.5 meters, such as large oil oil level above 2.5 meters should be in big oil and diesel generator sets between daily-used heavy duty truck fuel tank, direct oil pressure of not more than 2.5 metres. Even during the diesel generator shut down, nor does it allow fuel relied on gravity, through the inlet pipe or spray oil into the engine;