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Heavy Impact, The Fuel Tank Leakage Fire To Remove Danger
Oct 17, 2016

Washington the night of October 22, Golden port hotel in mountain lakes entrance road, a minivan behind concrete mixer trucks to which diesel leaks. Multi-sectoral linkage rule out danger. At 19:22, Jin Zhu Xi Lu, lake view fire Squadron received 119 commanding center scheduling, Golden Harbor hotel near a traffic accident. Firefighters rushed to the scene, a minivan with a concrete mixer truck tailgate, oil gun slipped on the latter heavy truck fuel tank, diesel fuel spilled into the road. The scene of the accident, concrete mixer truck wheels covered with three or four square meters of diesel, a distance of 50 meters far from the location can smell of diesel fumes. Firefighters said that the site belongs to the downtown area, larger flow of traffic. In order to prevent mass discarded cigarette butt ignited diesel fuel exploded, fire officers and soldiers sealed off the scene, evacuating crowds, find specific plugging the leak, then scour road diesel. After 10 minutes, dangers excluded.