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Gas Can Security Should Be Guaranteed
Jul 19, 2017

Outdoor Gas Can everyone is very familiar with, and we are essential for outdoor sports supplies. The outdoor tank is generally composed of a mixture of butane and isobutane. Suitable for use in alpine cold environments. As the outdoor tank filled with high-pressure combustible gas, so we use and disposal process to pay attention to some safety factors. Today, military brother and we talk about how safe use and safe disposal of waste outdoor tank topic:

Safe use:

1, buy brand outdoor Gas Can. Do not buy the tank has a clear use of traces and the surface of the bumps of the gas cans.

2, outdoor tank to be placed in the cool place without flammable storage.

3, to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun in the sun, do not put a long time in the car trunk and other high temperature.

4, the brand cans safe and secure tank, but also to avoid the process of violence occurred bumps.

5, the use of the process of connecting the Gas Can and the burner to be in place to avoid leakage caused by deflagration.

6, ignite the stove before the valve should be small, to avoid excessive release of gas when the amount of deflagration burns.

7, in the low temperature environment, the use of gas cylinders do not use the fire on the tank for heating.

8, do not try to fill the Gas Can on the gas.

9, do not artificially deflate the Gas Can, to avoid causing danger.

Safe disposal:

1, please unused and the use of finished Gas Can from the wild back, do not arbitrarily discarded in the outdoor environment.

2, after the Gas Can back to do not arbitrarily discard the exhaust tank and sell to the waste acquisition personnel, to avoid the exhaust Gas Can accidental gas accident caused by accident.

3, the exhaust tank should use a special hole on the cylinder for the opening, until the residual gas in the tank completely evaporated and then into the recyclable environmental protection bins or sellers to the waste acquisition.