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Gas Can Safe Use Is Important
May 25, 2017

Gas tank operation is simple, easy, most people can do the cans of the cans. The tank is vacuum, the use of vacuum pumping method, the tank cans easier to bad.

Gas tank is formed by pulling the piston negative pressure, it does not heat the role, so the effect is weaker, but the adsorption capacity of the tank can be mediated through the piston, so the operation more convenient and easier to master.

Although the gas tank is relatively safe, but also to control the time of cupping, generally stop the tank not more than 10 minutes. When the exhaust tank is too far, there will be blisters on the skin, the larger blisters need to use disinfection needle to break with iodine solution after disinfection.

Tips: how to avoid cupping burns?

(1) Tu water: in the cupping place, before the first painted some water (winter coated with warm water). Water will make local cooling, protect the skin, not burns;

(2) the flame to the bottom of the tank: alcohol cotton ball flame, must be toward the bottom of the tank, do not burn the mouth, the mouth should not be stained with alcohol;

(3) stay a short time: shorten the time to stay, not too long, too easy to suck up the blisters, usually 3 to 5 minutes can be more not more than 10 minutes.

Safe use:

1, buy brand outdoor gas tank. Do not buy the tank has a clear use of traces and the surface of the bumps of the gas cans.

2, outdoor tank to be placed in the cool place without flammable storage.

3, to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun in the sun, do not put a long time in the car trunk and other high temperature.

4, the brand cans safe and secure tank, but also to avoid the process of violence occurred bumps.

5, the use of the process of connecting the gas tank and the burner to be in place to avoid leakage caused by deflagration.

6, ignite the stove before the valve should be small, to avoid excessive release of gas when the amount of deflagration burns.

7, in the low temperature environment, the use of gas cylinders do not use the fire on the tank for heating.

8, do not try to fill the gas tank on the gas.

9, do not artificially deflate the gas tank, to avoid causing danger.