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Drywall Panel Lift Environmental Home Life
Aug 09, 2017

At home, the damage to the wall is inevitable, the children move, love to take things scratched, graffiti and so left the mark and stains have made some parts of the home is not so beautiful. A good wall panel, in addition to beautiful texture, suitable for decoration style, the more important is to withstand the test of life. Cloud of the whole house full of wall panels can easily withstand the various tests in life. The following is the cloud of the whole house wall panel evaluation, mainly from the anti-oil test, water resistance test, wear resistance test, load-bearing test, fire retardant test and other aspects to carry out. As the country's new environmentally friendly new decorative materials, environmental protection Drywall Panel Lift is currently more expensive than the transmission material, but not Mongolia, the actual measurement after the design, once the design finalized, the cost of one-time renovation is no longer change , To avoid the decoration of low-cost trap, so that customers really white consumption. Not to mention the integration of the wall is a layer of sheet, not a layer of paper, it is impossible to use a piece of paper to buy a plate, and enjoy the decoration is not the same effect, not the same tall, not the same environmental home life.

Drywall Panel Lift panel fire can also be based on personal preferences, choose horizontal equipment, vertical equipment, ramp loading and other installation methods, the use of jack, buckle and wedge design, different styles of products can be used with each other to install, to the designer personalized Design to provide greater imagination. Another processing methods and solid wood, can be sawing, can be nailed, can be shaved, no need to paint, that is loaded, the general carpentry can be very light to install, light and efficient, the whole house is the introduction of the decoration industry 15 days environmental fast New concept of home improvement.

Drywall Panel Lift panel with its rich texture and color effects, to bring the kind of warm and natural harmony of mankind, to conquer each of the initial contact with the whole house owner. The whole wall is integrated with the Drywall Panel Lift panel in terms of decorative effect, wood texture, quick and easy installation process, or its flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection and other properties are in the leading international level, leading the green, rapid decoration new concept. Drywall Panel Lift panel can solve the existing problems of many wall materials, the advantages of obvious! Drywall Panel Lift construction does not require professionals, a little experience in the construction of carpentry master can be installed directly in the rough wall, labor, time, space!