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British Ammunition Container Very Strong, The Building Can Be Maintained For A Lifetime
Jul 10, 2017

Want a British Ammunition Container made of a house, this idea really has some crazy. We must try to change the stereotype that we should look like at home, change our minds, ignore traditions, and eliminate prejudices and prejudices. We must start from scratch, because the use of British Ammunition Containers to build the concept of housing is relatively new. We must make the British Ammunition Container out of the context of business and shipping as a useful item in space construction. By changing the way we look at it, new opportunities arise in everyday practice, and we can use it as building materials and give them new life.

The most important basis for deciding which adjustments and modifications must be made to the British Ammunition Container is to make it suitable for human habitation. How do we feel comfortable? We began to consider not only the characteristics of space, but also the mechanism we must use to change the spatial atmosphere. Since this is the case, then the most closely related challenge is that the interior space should not be transformed into a hostile space for human beings, such as in the sun, the British Ammunition Container will be hot like an oven, cold by the cold can not To be. Only we have solved this Western problem, we can say that we made a real refuge for mankind.

As a transport material that needs to be transported over long distances in extreme weather conditions for 20 years or more, the British Ammunition Containers are very strong, so the buildings made up of British Ammunition Containers can be lifted for a lifetime.

British Ammunition Container construction he can move, assemble, open, they can be rebuilt in other places.

And the combination of British Ammunition Containers is also a variety of different regions of different cultures on the form of a combination of British Ammunition Containers have different views.

Mixed note

General business exports, in the process of loading the main concern is the wrong goods, cargo damage and data and customs data does not meet, resulting in customs will not release. Therefore, before the loading, the consignor, warehouse, freight forwarding must be reconciled and thoughtful to avoid this happening.

1, different shapes, different packaging of goods as much as possible not to be together;

2, from the packaging will be leaking dust, liquid, moisture, odor and other goods, as far as possible not with other goods together. "In the case of last resort, it is necessary to use canvas, plastic film or other materials separated." Cheng Qi Wei said.

3, light weight of the goods on the relatively heavy weight of the goods above;

4, the packaging strength of weak goods to be placed on the strong packaging of goods above;

5, liquid goods and clean goods should be placed under other goods as far as possible;

6, with sharp corners or prominent parts of the goods, to be covered to avoid damage to other goods.

There are usually three methods of British Ammunition Container packing: that is, all of them are manned and loaded with a forklift truck (forklift) into the box, and then manned and all mechanically packed, such as a pallet ) Fork forklift truck in the box stacking.

1, in any case, when the goods are loaded, the weight of the cargo loaded in the box can not exceed the maximum loading of the British Ammunition Container, that is, the total amount of the British Ammunition Container minus the weight of the British Ammunition Container. Under normal circumstances, the total weight and weight will be marked on the British Ammunition Container door.

2, the density of each British Ammunition Container unit is a certain, so the same kind of goods in the box, as long as the density of goods, you can determine whether the heavy or light goods. Cheng Qiwei said that if the cargo density is greater than the unit weight of the box is heavy cargo, otherwise the light cargo. Timely and clearly distinguish between these two different situations, to improve the efficiency of packing is very important.

3, the load to make the load on the bottom of the balance, in particular, to strictly prohibit the load center of gravity at the end of the situation.

4, to avoid generating a concentrated load. "If the loading of machinery and equipment and other heavy cargo, the bottom of the box should be covered with wood and other cushion material, as far as possible to disperse the load.The average British Ammunition Container bottom surface area of the average security load is roughly: 20 feet British Ammunition Container 1330x9.8N / m, 40 feet The British Ammunition Container is 980x9.8N / m2.

5, the use of human loading should pay attention to whether the packaging "can not be inverted", "flat", "vertical release" and other loading and unloading signs. Be sure to use the loading tool correctly and do not use the hand hook. The goods contained in the box are loaded neatly and packed tightly. Easy to bundle and package fragile goods, to use the liner or insert the plywood between the goods to prevent the goods in the box to move.

6, loading cargo board cargo, we must accurately grasp the internal dimensions of the British Ammunition Container and the external dimensions of the packaging in order to calculate the number of loads in order to achieve the purpose of minimizing the abandonment of the goods.

7, with a forklift truck packing, will be the height of the mechanical lifting height and mast height restrictions. Therefore, the conditions permit, forklift box can be loaded two layers at a time, but up and down to leave a certain gap. If the condition is not allowed to load two layers at a time, the height of the fork lift and the height of the forklift gantry may be raised, taking into account the height of the fork lift, A layer of goods minus the height of freedom to enhance the height, so that the second layer of goods can be installed in the third layer of goods on the top.