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Auto Fuel Tank Material Is Good
Oct 17, 2016

Iron mailbox advantages: internal galvanized iron tank, external corrosion protection coating material to ensure durability of more than 15 years. Under normal use conditions, surface of iron inside the fuel tank, will not rust. Iron itself does not penetrate the tank boil-off gas; iron contribute to thermal expansion and deformation of iron compared to the fuel tank under the same temperature difference is small, rigid and better. Iron tank through the body, the body ground wire connected to the battery, do not generate static electricity to build up; force collision cases, the iron tank rigid enough, will not cause the internal fuel explosion. Disadvantages: However, the iron mailbox is constantly since the question has been, "iron tank fire or explosion hazard exists" has been criticized by the industry. Iron tanks less welding, welding parts prone to fracture when hit, causing fuel leakage and plastic fuel tanks is a one-time blow molding, engineering plastic material impact and prevention of deformation cracks of better performance, this is an important reason for fuel tanks in passenger car market gradually disappeared. Plastic mailbox advantages: plastic fuel tank is popular mainly for two reasons: one is light weight. Car weight is calculated in grams, at many times, if the can lose several