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Aluminium Bottle Can To Ensure Low Oxygen Absorption And High Productivity
Jul 10, 2017

The flexibility of metal packaging is reflected in the fact that beer producers and beverage manufacturers are increasingly using Aluminium Bottle Cans in recent years. Most of the major canning companies now supply Aluminium Bottle Cans on their product list - usually with a re-seal. Brand owners use them to assure differentiation, promote the release of special products, or enter markets that are not allowed to use plastic and glass packaging.

When filling Aluminium Bottle Cans, many beverage manufacturers use modified glass bottles.

During the filling process, the metal bottle slides down the slope, and a jet system packs the metal bottles in rows and is filled and stamped. Once in place, the line operator can choose from three packaging preprocessing options before starting the backpressure filling process.

The operator has the option of using carbon dioxide to pre-wash the jars, pre-purge or pre-evacuated. said the operator can also add additional pre-cleaning time by using the HMI (Human Interface).

Once the preprocessing process is complete, the computer will record the beverage pressure reading into the filling machine. Hardin explained that "pressurized carbon dioxide is added to the bottle at a pressure higher than the beverage pressure of 1 Pa; it will slowly release until the pressure in the bottle is slightly below the beverage pressure."

At this point the filling valve opens and the beverage starts to flow slowly. The backpressure process ensures a slow flow at the beginning of filling, ensuring low oxygen uptake and high productivity.

The equipment computer is responsible for monitoring the filling level, and the operator can make a number of adjustments to ensure proper foaming before capping. The most important of these controls is the pressure drop, that is, the pressure remaining in the bottle after opening the cap. In addition, the carbon dioxide pulse function uses carbon dioxide as a propellant, thereby achieving precise control of foaming. "

After the filling process is complete, the cans are lifted and the bottles are moved to the capping station. Here, the cover is automatically sorted, fed and used.

Our aluminum bottling machine sales are also rising. Our equipment can be applied to glass bottles or Aluminium Bottle Cans. We are always ready for those who want to use Aluminium Bottle Cans through the unique brewers to help. "

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