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Aluminium Bottle Can Improve Strength And Melt Flow
Jun 19, 2017

Aluminium Bottle Can Aluminum is a resource-rich white light metal, the world's aluminum production after steel. Its application in the packaging industry is the first in non-ferrous metals. Aluminum as a packaging material, the general use of aluminum, aluminum and aluminum foil and aluminum film. Aluminum is usually used as a canning material or system cover material; aluminum block used to make extrusion and thinning deep drawing of the tank; aluminum foil is generally used for moisture-proof packaging or production of composite materials and flexible packaging.

Packaging plate are rust-proof aluminum alloy, manganese and magnesium mainly from the material strength, improve the processing performance and other effects; copper can also improve the strength of the material, but also reduce the corrosion performance and processing performance; add zinc,Aluminium Bottle Can Copper and magnesium with the same day, the heat treatment effect is improved, but the corrosion resistance and processing will be reduced; silicon is mainly to reduce the melting point of aluminum, improve strength and melt flow, reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion. Aluminum foil is made of a thickness of 0.4-4). 7mm (more with 0.5mm) of the industrial pure aluminum plate after repeated cold rolling made of flexible metal sheet.

one. Features of aluminum material

Compared to other packaging materials, aluminum materials have the following advantages:

(1) The density of aluminum is very small,Aluminium Bottle Can 2.7 g / cm, only 35% of steel. This makes the container easy to achieve lightweight. The surface energy of aluminum naturally produces a dense layer of aluminum oxide film, this layer of colorless film can prevent further oxidation.

(2) aluminum non-toxic and tasteless, in line with the food hygiene standards.

(3) aluminum surface gloss high, easy to color, printing effect is good.

(4) made of aluminum easy to open the lid open performance is better than tin plate easy to open cover.

(5) aluminum for light, heat,Aluminium Bottle Can reflective properties and excellent conductivity, can improve the food canned heat sterilization and low temperature treatment effect.

(6) The mechanical properties of aluminum can be kept at low temperature, especially for frozen food packaging.

(7) made of aluminum foil composite film completely airtight and opaque, which can effectively protect the built-in food. Aluminum foil can also improve the strength of aluminum-plastic composite film.

(8) recyclable waste can not only save energy and prevent the pollution caused by waste, to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

But there are some shortcomings of aluminum materials, mainly:

(1) the production of aluminum relative to the tinplate and TFS is much more energy consumption, so the price of your side.

(2) aluminum is a non-magnetic material, so the original use of magnetic materials to absorb raw materials must be modified.

(3) poor corrosion resistance of aluminum materials, should not be used to contain acidic, alkaline and salt content of food.

(4) aluminum texture is soft,Aluminium Bottle Can compared with the tinplate strength is low, in the manufacture and transportation due to collision and deformation, surface scratches and so on.

(5) aluminum welding difficult, it can only be stamping or bonding method of manufacturing.

At present, some of the shortcomings of aluminum can be made by combining with other materials. For example, aluminum foil and paper or plastic composite, can increase its stiffness and tensile strength; in order to overcome the shortcomings of thin-walled aluminum cans shortcomings, can be filled in a small container before filling a small amount of liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen vaporization can increase the internal pressure Container stiffness and compressive properties; aluminum foils coated with nitrocellulose and modified polyolefins not only improve the chemical properties of aluminum foil, maintain a good print appearance, but also provide heat to the fit.

Two Application of Aluminum Materials in Packaging

1 aluminum anti-theft caps

China's current packaging of white wine, wine, wine and drinks and most of the glass bottles are still the main, of which about 50% of the bottle lid made of aluminum anti-theft cover, China's anti-theft caps will be 10% annual growth rate, By 2010, the amount of anti-theft cover will reach 15 billion, need to use aluminum plate about 60,000 tons. China's aluminum bottle cap production plant nearly 200, the annual design capacity of about 9 billion, of which the introduction of 30 production lines, production capacity of more than 50 billion, can produce nearly 100 kinds of various types of caps. Aluminum caps are processed in a very high degree of automation, so the strength, elongation and dimensional deviation of the material are very strict, otherwise they will crack or crease in deep drawing. In order to ensure that the cap after the formation of easy to print, requiring the cap plate surface flat,Aluminium Bottle Can no scratches, scratches and stains, the general use of alloy materials are 8001 a HI4,3003 a H16 and so on. Material specifications General thickness of 0.20 ~ 43.23mm, tolerance ± 0.1%, width of 449-796mm. Aluminum bottle cap material can be used to produce hot-rolled billet or continuous casting and rolling for the billet, cold rolling from. Production practice shows that the use of anti-theft cover on the effect of hot-rolled billet is better than casting billet.

2 aluminum blister pack

At present, health food and pharmaceutical tablets, capsule packaging using blister packaging in the form of more and more common, aluminum blister blister, also known as blister eye packaging, referred to as PTP (Press Through Packaging). Blister packaging is used in aluminum foil is packed in medicinal plastic PVC (PVC) hard film sealing material, so also known as the mouth material. Almost all of the modern packaging products require opaque or high barrier composite materials are used aluminum foil as a barrier layer,Aluminium Bottle Can it is because the aluminum foil has a very dense metal crystal structure, can block any gas, so the application is very extensive. It is expected that the packaging for pharmaceutical blister materials will account for 60% ~ 70% of the tablets and capsules of the future pharmaceuticals, which is one of the best pharmaceutical packaging materials.

But the quality of China's medicinal aluminum foil and imported aluminum foil is far behind. From the current domestic production of several PTP pharmaceutical packaging enterprises reflect the actual situation, there are two main problems.

(1) medicinal aluminum foil pinhole number far less than the requirements. Aluminum foil pinhole is penetrating performance defects that affect the barrier properties of aluminum foil, especially for pharmaceutical packaging, it is easy to make oxygen, water vapor, light penetration and reduce the efficacy of drugs. Medicinal aluminum foil in the national standard requires pinhole diameter of not more than 0.3mm, diameter of 0.1 ~ 0.3mm can not more than 1 / m2, the current domestic aluminum foil rarely meet this standard.

(2) the thickness of medicinal aluminum foil uneven, low tensile strength. As the thickness of aluminum foil is uneven, it is easy to cause the coating amount of PTP aluminum foil during the coating process is difficult to achieve the standard coating range, thus affecting the aluminum foil and PVC hard film heat intensity. Due to uneven thickness,Aluminium Bottle Can low tensile strength in the actual processing of the volume after the release of tension generated after the broken foil is not conducive to the normal production, these problems need to pay attention to raw material manufacturers.

3 aluminum drink cans

Currently. The development of aluminum beverage cans has three characteristics, namely easy to pull cap, special cans, self-heating / self-cooling beverage cans. For a long time, despite the metal packaging and other metal packaging has been challenged by tinplate and PET materials, but because of its light weight, and has a recyclable advantage, is still one of the main forms of beverage packaging, not only to be stable development, But also in the continuous development of innovation.

Recently, coins packaging company successfully developed the EPOL (easy to open cover). The lid is made of polymer coated steel ring and corrosion-resistant aluminum foil hot, can be used for existing filling equipment, aluminum foil cover can be safe to open, more suitable for the elderly and children to use. Due to the competition of PET bottles, the demand for aluminum cans in the Japanese market has been gradually reduced in recent years, but the demand for aluminum cans has started to rise. At present, Wuzhong stamping industry,Aluminium Bottle Can Yamato cans and Mitsubishi materials and other enterprises have entered the field of production of aluminum bottles, Shizai factory development of aluminum bottles can also be put on the market.