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Heavy pumping oil in the fuel tank how do
Oct 17, 2016

Pumping from the heavy duty truck mailbox you need to prepare the following tools, a diameter of about 1 cm hose or plastic pipe, preparing a long about 3 cm of the wire or the wire, there is a cross and a screwdriver. Find a car relay box, open, find the fuel pump relay, the inside of the box cover tagged, it is easy to distinguish. Then the fuel pump relay out put. Found 3 pieces of tubing connected to the fuel tank of the engine. Which is a canister tube, connected to the canister, don't ignore him, keep looking after finding the two fuel lines, the inlet pipe to pull down, and put it in the container then ready for things like wire, into two of the fuel pump relay terminal interface. The key of the ignition lock to ON, is the distance on the ignition before the car in gear. Then out of the oil.