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Cars don't add the tank is too full to hide the four deadly hazards
Oct 17, 2016

1. oil spill easy to save the oil below the surface of the fire station, lower temperatures, especially in the heat of the summer, because of thermal expansion and contraction, if too full may overflow from the vent. 2. blocked air vent air vent once the blockage will create negative pressure within the fuel tank, resulting in poor oil supply, even for not oiled 3. harm the canister canister in a gasoline tank and between the engines. Because gasoline is a volatile liquid, at room temperature, fuel tank always full steam, fuel evaporative emission control system is the steam is introduced into the combustion and to prevent evaporation into the atmosphere. 4. volatile cancer carbon canister of gasoline near an outside air inlet circular, when gas is too full, the saturated carbon canister, too much stress and pressure relief vent, gas composition of air into the compartments, uncomfortable "gasoline" has always been around you.