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Car plant to explain oil remaining in the tank when refueling the most scientific
Oct 17, 2016

First of all we need to know is that wait for cars gas gauge red light, come on, will surely bad, have damage to their vehicle, the end of oil "just for an emergency situation, prepared by the oil lamp lit before refueling, besides causing fuel shortage outside the stall, may also cause mechanical damage. Because cars need gasoline to gasoline pumps in the tank heat, if the tank of gasoline rarely, can cause poor fuel pump cooling, petrol pump wear, reduced life expectancy, serious heat dissipation than sometimes may even cause the oil pump to burn out. In addition, if you come on only when at the bottom of tank, bottom of the accumulated impurities likely to be pumped into the fuel system, causing oil supply is not smooth. Recommended in the oil remaining in the tank about 1/4 come on, because the oil is too low easy air, big temperature difference between day and night is formed when water vapor, mix in the oil, resulting in poor combustion.